Years on market

Qualified employees, most of whom are certified.


We are trusted by banks, government organizations.


In partnership with global software vendors.

Our team

For many years, Quality Services has been monitoring and ensuring the quality of software products at all stages of their life cycle. We test systems, develop and maintain them, and recruit IT staff.

The company employs more than 90 employees: it is both experienced professionals and young beginners. Our main advantage is a strong cohesive team working as a single mechanism. Our mechanism has no failures, because we carefully monitor all processes and value each employee as an important part of the whole system. We are constantly working to create a comfortable environment for everyone and attract new qualified specialists. Everyone here receives all the conditions for maximum self-realization, because we apply only an individual approach. We do not create harsh conditions to enable our employees to “spread their wings” and show all the best qualities of their multi-faceted personality, to move up the career ladder.

Why you should contact us:

Software testing is an important step in product release. By transferring a project for testing to specialists, a business owner gets the opportunity to concentrate fully on his main activity. At this time, our experts will effectively evaluate the quality of the software. Appeal to us is an opportunity to:

Release exactly the kind of product that will satisfy the user’s requests as fully as possible;

Achieve stable and fast system operation in accordance with all requirements;

Eliminate the risks of losses associated with the elimination of system defects.

Get at the output of the highest quality product;

During its work, Quality Services has discovered and eliminated millions of system errors and received grateful feedback from thousands of satisfied customers. We use an individual approach to each business owner and guarantee full transparency of work with the project. Our experts work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can produce work in your territory or remotely, provide support even after hours. Our company is always focused on long-term relationships, so that we take into account all wishes. Cooperating with the company Quality Services, you make your software product of the highest quality in the most convenient time for you and in a comfortable mode for you.


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