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Automation testing


Automatization of testing reduces the time it takes to test IT systems. Of course, not all functions can be checked automatically, but many operations still do not require human presence. In addition, there are places that are impossible to test manually.

Automated testing is performed by a software robot and includes testing the launch, initialization, execution, and issuance of results. Such tests are developed individually for each product, taking into account all its characteristics.

Main advantages:

  • The absence of the human factor. The robot will not be able to overlook or get tired.
  • The possibility of applying such testing methods that are manually impossible or are at great labor, financial or time costs;
  • Increase testing speed while maintaining quality. Manually the same check takes significantly more time;
  • Fast elimination of errors;
  • Reports on the operations performed are saved automatically.

The main nuances of automated testing

Manual testing of software requires a lot of time and effort. Automation tools allow you to achieve high quality checks and allow you to use the developed tests later, when making corrections to the product.

When can you use automated testing?

  • To check the most hard-to-reach places of the product;
  • When using functionality with a high level of defects;
  • For routine operations. For example, automatic filling of a large number of data set fields.
  • For long scenarios;
  • To test data that requires accurate mathematical calculations;
  • To optimize the accuracy of data retrieval.

Testing stages

  1. Preparatory stage. Experts select operations for which verification will be carried out. Determine the requirements for the testing system, choose an automation tool. The timing is agreed, the risks are assessed.
  2. Self-testing. Tests run.
  3. Report Compile reporting documentation with a list of errors and suggestions for optimizing the software product. Developed user guide for automated testing.

There is no universal recipe for testing automation, because everyone has their own requests and source data. But real professionals will always find the optimal solution for each specific situation.


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