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Functional testing

The most important thing in any software product is its proper operation. If this aspect is not observed, then all the others lose their relevance, the system is unsuitable for use. So functional testing rightfully plays the most important role among the other types of testing.

Functional testing is designed to establish whether the final software product meets the original requirements of the business owner. This is a test to determine whether the information system solves the problem in certain conditions. This always takes into account the specifics of the product and the requirements for it.


Main advantages

Functional testing completely simulates the use of software by man, which allows you to quickly identify defects in his work and prevent their occurrence in the future. Testing is carried out in any case, even if there is full confidence that everything is done perfectly. Identification of weak points ensures stable operation of the system in the future.


Testing stages

Functional testing is a multi-step and consistent process.

Test preparation. This is a technical task. Experts analyze baseline data, study the functional and business requirements. It is important to understand how the business owner sees the final product, what benefits he expects from the project, what target audience he is counting on. A test plan is developed, deadlines are agreed, and risks are assessed. In this stage, the business owner or his representative takes an active part.


Directly testing. Based on the data obtained at the first stage, the implementation of test scenarios that detect and fix system errors occurs. To obtain the most complete data on the work of the program, it is possible to use three methods of functional testing:

  • manual testing is the main type of testing;
  • development and implementation of automated testing;
  • research work: the study of the product in a complex.

Report on the work done. Specialists make a report on the conducted functional testing. The software developer is provided with a list of all identified problems with recommendations for correcting and improving functionality.

Functional testing is an essential attribute of market entry for any software product. They should not be neglected, because all the further work of the software depends on the quality of the testing performed


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