Years on market

Qualified employees, most of whom are certified.


We are trusted by banks, government organizations.


In partnership with global software vendors.

Students and graduates

Quality Services is happy to welcome talented and promising people into its ranks, including senior students and those who have just graduated from the university.

For new employees, we conduct special training and adaptation courses. Training is conducted on real projects with experienced professionals. Therefore, to join the team all get easily and at ease. There is no dry study of the theory; all new knowledge is mastered directly in practice.

We always encourage in every possible way the aspiration of our people to move up the career path and develop their professional skills. If desired, our employees can change their qualifications and move from one department to another. We appreciate everyone, we do not have a “routine”, we are always ready for long-term cooperation.

For all employees, the company offers a variety of advanced training courses. In addition, we help our specialists to learn English and provide access to the corporate database for self-education.

Quality Services regularly conducts business training and seminars for its team. Employees themselves are also interested in advanced training, so many of them regularly prepare and conduct training programs themselves. If necessary, we organize for our team and distance learning.

Development in our team is possible in a horizontal way – that is, the development of professional skills, as well as vertical – the development of more and managerial skills. Everyone chooses what is closer to him.

Each year, the company conducts certification, as a result of which everyone has a chance to move up the corporate ladder and increase salary, as well as to make their suggestions and wishes. All receive an individual development plan and recommendations for personal growth.

We are well aware that the success of the entire company directly depends on the success of each individual employee. Therefore, we do our best to make every member of our large team successful.

If you are a proponent of an active life position, are young and purposeful, are ready to develop new horizons and achieve common goals with us, we invite you to join our large and friendly professional team!

We suggest you to tell about yourself, perhaps tomorrow you will become a part of our team!

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