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Major Technologies of 2019

A couple of decades ago, innovations came to us once every few years, but today they occur almost daily. What technologies will be the most relevant in 2019?


Smart speakers

Smart speakers and voice-driven gadgets will be even more useful. Their prevalence in China equals the level of the United States.


The Internet 5G is getting closer, and already in 2019, most likely, it will appear. The world will be different.

Health care

Technologies are also penetrating the healthcare sector, bringing with them artificial intelligence and new methods of collecting information about the state of health of patients. But ethical and legal norms are not able to keep up with technical progress.

Smart stores

Already in 2019, the AmazonGo network of smart stores will be launched. These tapeless stores need a significantly smaller number of staff than traditional ones. As soon as it becomes clear how effective this is, a huge number of cashiers will fall under the reduction and the world of commerce will change dramatically. The world will no longer be the same.

Technological war

This year, many Chinese companies will go beyond the domestic market. World technology is now not only in the hands of America. Chinese Internet will be the forefront of innovation.

Digital assets

The sale of digital assets will supplant the most popular cryptocurrencies. Wall Street intrusion into the cryptocurrency market is possible.

Switch to video

Every year, people spend more and more time in front of the screens of smartphones and more and more often choose the video format. Applications with small rollers in priority.

Mobile epidemic

The younger generation spends more and more time using smartphones. And most of this time is the use of applications. And this is really an epidemic requiring action. Application restriction mechanisms do not solve this problem.


The relevance of the steelebitcoins will not decrease this year either. They can work as a real currency and gain mass use, as well as supplant cryptocurrency. Binding to exchange rates makes them legitimate.

Autonomous driving

Self-driving cars go to a new level. Perhaps we will see them already this year.

Saturation with smartphones

Sales of smartphones today are not in the best position due to the huge saturation of the market. Huawei and Xiaomi will still be strong leaders, and the share of iPhones will continue to decline rapidly. Apple may be seriously affected.

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