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IT industry forecasts for 2019

From last year’s forecasts, of course, not all came true, and this is understandable. For example, the value of voice assistants has significantly increased and Amazon-free cashier stores have appeared. The smartphone allows today to access almost any service.

Consider some of the predictions for 2019.

Cyber ​​attacks

Cyber ​​attacks can go into the real world. Now the damage can be caused not only to digital data of companies, but also to production. Such attacks can completely destroy the entire business. This year we are closer than ever to such sad events.

Data security

The value of data security will increasingly grow. This critical problem needs to be addressed early in the development process. Software developers are actively looking for solutions, and this year they will start implementing them directly. Security level-level security features will be implemented throughout the system. The code will not only be better protected from attacks, but also detect unusual activity.

User Satisfaction

Corporate sales will now be focused not only on attracting new, but also involving existing users. Due to the omission of this moment, growth is suffering: a stable client base allows the company to grow actively.

The evolution of jobs

Artificial intelligence and automation of repetitive processes are growing. So people freed from the routine, get more and more opportunities for creativity. Employees can spend less time behind the desktop and interact with each other, becoming more mobile.

Traditional IT departments will not

Traditional IT departments will disappear. The most effective companies will take a benchmark for developers, maximally satisfying their needs.

Health Promotion Technologies in the Workplace

Surveys show that many industry employees feel burnout at work. In 2019, technology will come to the fore with empathy. Employers are increasingly concerned about the welfare of their team, because this is the main way to improve the whole company. Businesses will increasingly turn to technologies to improve well-being in the workplace. This should be achieved by understanding what employees feel and why thanks to new technologies.

Young people will be picky about choosing a profession

The growth of the digital economy provides more and more opportunities. The younger generation is more selective than the older generation. So there’s nothing for employers to do but rethink hiring strategies to attract new people.

The rapid development of information technology inevitably leads to a revision of social relations. Changing reality transforms the rhythm of life. Today those at the helm who quickly recognize patterns and actively introduce them into life.

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