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Software testing, quality management of information systems

Functional testing

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Load Testing

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Quality Services offers a comprehensive list of services for testing information systems and applications. System testing is one of the most important stages of the software release process. Modern systems from year to year are becoming more complex, and therefore the requirements for them are also expanding. At the same time, there are often temporary restrictions, lack of staff, insufficient funding and other restrictions. Because of this, the quality of the final product is often affected. But there is a way out. Our company will help to raise the product to the required level. Our services will be useful if you want to:

Make a product that best meets the expectations of the consumer;

Make a product that operates as stable and fast as possible in accordance with all business requirements;

Avoid the risk of losses due to system defects;

Organize your work so as to get the best quality software at the output.

Our specialists can easily entrust all issues related to the quality of information systems. Our experience includes millions of defects and many grateful customers. We are not looking for easy ways, we do our job as efficiently as possible. Our employees have high qualifications and experience of the most complex projects. Quality Services guarantees each individual approach and maximum transparency in the performance of the task.

Our advantages

The experts of our company have a reliable professional and theoretical base that has been acquired during the existence of the company and taken from colleagues. We always take into account the specifics of the activities of each particular organization in order to achieve the set goals with the highest quality.

We provide services to improve the quality of a software product with minimal costs. Our experts use only the most advanced methodologies and tools that undergo rigorous selection.


Ways to provide services

  • To achieve high quality information systems, Quality Services offers the following services:
  • Consulting We help to resolve issues on the implementation of software quality control.
  • Outsourcing. Our experts will perform all types of information system testing at all stages of its life cycle. Recommendations for improving quality will be given.
  • Outstaffing Our specialists can temporarily work on your territory.

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